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We continue to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our community and the guidelines set by the CDC, Governor Raimondo, and Soccer RI. We have worked to ensure our fall program implements these guidelines and are looking forward to a safe and fun 40th fall season.  

WWSA full Covid-19 Phase 3 Plan is available by clicking on the link above.  Below are some of the highlights and important items for players and families to know and follow from the full plan.

  • Face masks and coverings

  • Players must have a mask, which must be worn when entering and exiting the field. (Players do not need to wear their mask while engaged in active play.)

  • Coaches, staff, volunteers, players and spectators should wear a face covering in accordance with RIDOH regulations and current executive orders.

  • Face masks will be available at the concession stand, when open. WWSA is not responsible for the supply of masks to players. 

Social Distancing 

  • All soccer activities will be limited to stable groups of no more than 50.

  • There must be 14 feet between each stable group.

  • Scrimmages are allowed within stable groups.

  • Players must maintain a safe distance from others. 

  • Players must bring their own ball and water bottle. Both items MUST be labeled with the players names.

  • Families are asked to maintain as much distance as possible with other families and use face masks as appropriate. Six feet distances will be marked in the spectator areas.

  • Spectators will be limited to no more than 2 per family.

  • Spectators are encouraged to watch from their cars.

Field access and organization

  • Players that arrive early MUST stay in their car if another group is still on the field.

  • Players MUST be checked in upon arrival each time.

  • Players will be screened before being allowed to participate. Parents of younger players will need to bring their child to the check point.

  • Players MUST maintain social distancing while waiting for check-in.

  • Players should bring their own hand sanitizer and use it before and after the session. Hand sanitizer will be available and will be required before scrimmages.   

  • Players MUST maintain social distancing guidelines and face mask requirements as defined in this plan.

  • No equipment is to be shared. Players should arrive with a ball, water bottle and pinnie.  (Pinnies will be provided by WWSA to each player).  Goalies should bring their own equipment.  ALL equipment is to be clearly marked with the players name.

  • Utilizing bags is strongly encouraged to help keep players equipment together. Bags must be placed using social distancing guidelines and properly labeled.

  • No handshakes, high fives or unnecessary contact. No spitting.

  • Spectators are limited to 2 per player and must not step onto the playing fields. Spectators should ensure at least six feet of physical distance between household groups and maintain at least 14 feet of space from the outer limit of play. Spectators must wear face coverings.

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